Tugger trains

STILL LiftRunner®

Tugger Train solutions from STILL set the standards in efficiency. They can make production supply incredibly lean. Let your production facilities benefit from reliable and precisely clocked delivery sequences. Precise clocking is the product of the optimum combination of electric tractors with our LiftRunner-system.

This patented transport and retrieval system for trolleys (load carriers) of all kinds scores with maximum flexibility, unique comfort for the operator and the lowest rolling resistance in the industry. This system is supplemented with innovative tractors based on over 70 years of experience in electric tractors. Our Tugger Train solutions are as individual as the warehouse worlds of our customers.

The common denominator: You reduce your internal traffic, saving money and increasing work safety. Together we develop a concept that perfectly matches your production supply's requirements and that meets top level demands. On request, it will even include automation of individual steps in the process or of the complete Tugger Train. Rely on a solution that is innovative, customised and cost efficient.



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